Meagan Moon: The Intuitive Goddess★

In this conversation, I welcome someone who has been my “spiritual mother” for the last year and a half. A soul that resembles pure Gaia and pure love. She is indeed the embodiment of the divine and the feminine, my beautiful friend Meagan Moon Rock. This conversation is truly special, and I pray that if you feel aligned to her voice in this Earth, you take the time to connect to her world. Her spirit is like a flower, soft, intuitive, nourishing, and continually blossoming.

Meagan and I met in University (Savannah College of Art and Design), where we shared a couple of classes together. Back then I had no idea what intuition was, but something was telling me that she was going to inspire me, and she did (BIG TIME). It was through Meagan’s words that my consciousness got woken up and the language towards myself transformed into kindness and love. I was going through the rockiest of roads, and the words of this angel were blessings from the sky.

Meagan is now based in Hawaii where she shares a dance through life with her partner Evan. She recently transitioned from maiden to mother, and I am in awe of her beautiful transformation. Congratulations on bringing pure light to Earth-side, baby Bridgette will be a walking mirror of you and Evan, a soul with a heart full of love and a spirit full of bravery and intuition.

I pray that this conversation meets the eyes of those in need of a blessing.

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How and when did you start your healing/spiritual journey? What was the most difficult to come to terms with while entering this change?

I really began my journey of waking up the summer before my senior year of college. A few months of working and partying way too hard landed me in the hospital with a gnarly kidney and liver infection. This scared me enough to wake me up to how I was (or was not) caring for myself. So I began diving very deep into health and spirituality, opening my heart and mind from as many angles as I possibly could. Though this time of healing was messy and difficult, I now look back on it as a space of just pure magic. I was really diving in and blossoming into my authenticity for the first time, and therefore my outer world began aligning so beautifully. 

So much about my external reality began to change when I started changing my inner world. I’d say the most difficult to come to terms with was the profound realization that I really didn’t want to work in fashion, as I’d thought I’d wanted to my whole life. I was going to school for fashion, and had a big job in it lined up, so this realization was very Earth shattering. It took me quite a while to integrate this and make a different move. 

What is the experience of living off-the-grid in tropical Hawaii like? 

Not nearly as glamorous and easy as pictures and video may make it seem :) It’s raw and messy and mold grows everywhere. My clothes all smell like mildew and many of my most treasured possessions have stains. But I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Spending some years living off-grid in the jungle has opened me up and healed me on levels I can’t quite put words to. I’m not sure it’s a forever thing, but the time that I have spent living like this has been invaluable. I’ve reconnected with the Earth and Her elements very deeply. I’ve healed my endocrine and nervous systems by sleeping in spaces without lights or wifi — waking up with the sun and going to bed with the moon. I do miss and cherish time in the city though! Life’s gotta be a balance. 

What is self-love to you? How do you practice is day to day? And what do you do when you are having a turbulent day?

To me, self-love is a relationship between my essence and my vessel. It’s a remembrance of the unbreakable strength and absolute Beauty that I energetically am, and allowing this remembrance to manifest in tender, kind ways in my body and reality.

Having had a baby just a few weeks ago, there have certainly been some turbulent days recently! And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that in an exhausted state, it’s easy for me to slip into self-deprecation. I can expect way too much from myself. But I’ve had enough of these moments in life to now know how transient they are, and also to know that they are my greatest teacher. They’re my calling to come back into myself, to care for myself for tenderly. To breathe deeper and drink more tea. 

Favourite books? 
I live by A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Some other life staples for me are the Tao Te Ching, Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur, and everything by Pema Chodron.

I’m also currently obsessed with and so proud of my mom’s new book — Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan. She’s my hero.

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What is your relationship with plant medicine? What made you so drawn to it?

Plants truly are medicine because they remind us of who we inherently are. It’s pretty mind blowing how specifically healing and nourishing certain plants can be for whatever we are going through, physically or emotionally. They are our calling and connection to where we’ve come from. I feel so drawn to plants as medicine because of the miracles I’ve seen them work on my health, mentality, and heart.

In your own words, what is Alchemy?
To me, alchemy is the science of spirit and how it manifests in our reality. It’s the very personal science of inner liberation for outer transformation. I talk so so much more about this in my Intuitive Alchemy e-book

What is your relationship with Mother Moon?

Very tender and alluring. Ever since I can remember I’ve been so seduced by the Moon and how she would follow me around in the sky, no matter where I was on land. I’ve always been fascinated by how she got there and how she stays in orbit, and from there, I’ve become fascinated by how she affects us both consciously and subconsciously. I wrote a whole little e-book about my relationship with the Moon, also going into how to use it as a tool in your own life — it’s called Intuitive Moon :) so definitely give that a read through if you’re super seduced by the Moon too! 

What is marriage to you? And how did you and Evan met?

Marriage is such a powerful dedication to unity — to going through all the peaks and valleys of this life with the most powerful mirror on all sides of you all the time! To me, my husband is the clearest reflection of me, and I the clearest refection of him, in all situations. This of course isn’t always easy to see, but I find it such a blessing to agree to go through life with an unconditional friend and cheerleader. Evan and I met when I attended a retreat that he was hosting. Our relationship has been the most insane intuitive manifestation of my life. I really can’t put words to it, but as totally cliche as it sounds, I overwhelmingly knew that we had a lifetime of work to do together the first moment I saw him. 

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Congratulations on the bringing to earth-side angel Bridgette, she radiates pure love. How is the transition from maiden to mother?

Thank you :) it’s been … fascinating! Since conception she has taught me more than I knew I needed to learn. It’s endless. I’m so honored and excited to be her mama and to find out what she’s inspired by in this life. The nine months of carrying her were so much about shedding my maiden self and learning to fully embody my mama self. Her birth was the eventual ceremony of that initiation. And now, I truthfully don’t feel that anything in my life is much different! It feels like she’s been with us, and us with her, all along. When I look in the mirror, I see her. I don’t just see me anymore. It’s amazing to realize that she is literally my flesh and blood. I couldn’t love her any more than I do. It’s unbelievably deep.

If you could send a message to all the girls/women of the world what would you say?

Follow your intuition, fiercely and unapologetically. Stay fluid. Stay soft. 

Last but not least, can you share a moment when you felt pure joy in your heart?

The moment Bridgette was born. 

Thank you Meagan for sharing this conversation with me and for allowing me to share it to the world. I pray you keep on shinning your beautiful light to others and to yourself. I love you.

If you feel drawn to connect with Meagan you can find her here:

Instagram: Meagan Moon

Website: Meagan Moon Rock

Facebook: Moon and Rock

* all imagery comes from Meagan’s social platform.