Sylvia Salcedo: A healer and an igniter of change ✿

Incredibly honoured to have a conversation with a woman who shares my Peruvian family blood lineage. Her name is Sylvia Salcedo Colichon, and she is a mother, a healer, a speaker and an igniter of change. The crazy thing is we have never physically met, but I feel so drawn and connected to her spiritual journey. She has two beautiful daughters who reflect and shine her brightness. She is their most empowering teacher, and slowly she is encouraging them to grow up loving every single part of their life journey and themselves. Raising little women and helping brothers and sisters through their healing journey is her calling in life, how amazing is that. Contributions that come from the purest and most profound part of her heart and spirit. Thank you for your kind, loving heart. Caring for and helping each other is the most beautiful thing we can do for this world.

I find her way of mothering truly inspiring because through her means of teaching she is breaking the horrible stigma society has brought upon parenting. The best thing we can do for our wildlings is to educate and empower them through the language of kindness, love, positivity and nature. If there is one message I wish you can take out of this conversation is that our kids are the purest reflection of us. Motherhood is the biggest initiation and transformation any woman could ever embark on. We are their most prominent teachers in life, and the way we treat ourselves and other people will reflect entirely on how they navigate through this life. I am so proud of the way she has embraced motherhood, raising little women to love themselves fiercely and unapologetically is the most empowering and loving thing we can do. We are all so lucky and blessed to have her today on Earth-side.

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What do you do?

I am a spiritual and wellness mentor for women.

What is motherhood for you?

Motherhood is my bloodline. It is my reason to exist on the beautiful planet of ours.

How do you find time for yourself while keeping up with your life and the girls?

My children are now in school, so the mornings is where I find time for my dreams and self-care.

How do you pass your teachings to your kids?

Every single word I utter is a lesson be handed down to them. It is a conscious process of teaching through example, passing along the lessons that I use personally and learning from my mistakes in my own actions and words that I use.

What made you follow a spiritual journey?

It was through the difficulties of my relationship that I began my spiritual journey. Finding ways to cultivate more peace and love under our roof.

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What experiences led you towards it?

I think once I began to study spirituality, it felt like it was a truth inside of my soul, it was more of a remembering. It came to me quickly.
What is self-love to you? And how do you practice it? 

Self-love is the moments that I am deeply in flow. When I feel alive, centered, and in knowing.  Meditation and mindfulness are my greatest practices into self-love. 

What do you wish for your girls? 

Grace through the realness of LIFE, knowing that they are magical, and a sense of being deeply LOVED by their family.     

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What book would you recommend girls/women to read? 

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. 

Something you find beautiful about yourself? 

I love my hair.  

Last but not least, how do you practice happiness? 

Moment to Moment.  


Thank you Sylvia for having this beautiful conversation with me. I love you!

If you feel drawn to connect with Sylvia you can find her here:

Instagram: Sylvia Salcedo

Website: Sylvia Salcedo

Facebook: Healer Teacher Speaker

*all imagery comes from Sylvia’s social platform.